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Praying in Tongues is Normal

What might happen if you allowed the Holy Spirit to pray through you, for you, and in you?
Teresa Verdecchio tackles the controversial and much-misunderstood gift of praying in tongues for personal edification. She encourages believers to be unapologetic and intentional about praying in tongues—normalizing it as a regular, “not weird,” biblical, Christian discipline. The Holy Spirit gives us the power to live a transformed life and praying in tongues grants us access to the mysteries of God. He is our helper and has a rich, distinct personality as part of the Godhead. Praying in Tongues is Normal focuses on the benefits of praying in tongues. It is filled with the author’s testimony of how praying in the Spirit altered her world and moved her
closer to the perfect will of God. Backed by sound biblical explanation and many testimonies, this book invites you to ponder what your life could look like if you just released the Holy Spirit to pray through you.

Praying in Tongues is Normal

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