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Crushing Condemnation Revised Edition

Traumatic events and hurtful words spoken over us create damage that inflicts pain and hinders joy long after the specific incident is behind us. These wounds can create a vicious cycle of condemnation resulting in self-loathing and unhealthy coping mechanisms that leave you spiritually dwarfed and defeated.


Deliverance takes but a moment, but healing is a process. Changing the soundtrack in your mind and living victoriously requires rewiring familiar thought patterns and using spiritual weapons to combat the enemy’s offense against your soul.


Whether you choose to take this journey alone or with a group, this Companion Study Guide will help walk you through that healing process.  With tender care and a deep desire to see you walk in freedom, Teresa Verdecchio helps you silence the voices that make you feel ashamed and push you to perform to earn God’s love and favor.


Freedom awaits. Glorious, joyful, lasting freedom is available to you. Take this journey with an expectant heart and encounter the sweet grace and overwhelming love of the Father for you.

Crushing Condemnation Revised Edition

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  • Crushing Condemnation and it's Companion Study Guide will be released 2/18/21 but is available for pre-order now!

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